Part one of book three – done!


Pottermore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, or this morning actually, I finished the first part of book 3 about Erin. So far it’s only 192 pages or so. But more to come, since I haven’t even gotten to November yet. I am currently at October 29th. I was on a roll yesterday and the writing went excellent! Which led me to be up all night writing as well. That in itself might not have been the best idea, seeming how school will start again soon. However we have a day off tomorrow, so I won’t start until Tuesday. And since it’s right after the easter holiday now, I’ll be having a few easy weeks ahead of me.

Since I finished the first part yesterday I had to stop writing there, seeming how I didn’t have anymore notebooks to write in at the moment. I actually never thought that would ever happen to me. I’m always buying new notebooks, and people keep giving them to me, so I’ve never not had any before. But this was something new to me, but luckily I then had to go buy new ones today. Which got me strangely happy and pleased. Found two good ones.

Since I couldn’t continue writing on the third book for the moment there I started planning the fourth book instead. So far it’s going great, but I’ve only gotten three days done so far. We’ll see how it turns out later on. I haven’t written any of them yet, but the fourth and fifth are my favorites in the series about Erin. As well as the last and first always holds a special place in my heart. And will there forever remain.

Something fun that happened to me is that my account to Pottermore opened up today. Such a great idea and a truly awesome site! I was sorted into Hufflepuff, and before joining I didn’t know much about just Hufflepuff, but now that I know more about them (after having read the letter given after being sorted) I am rather pleased with having ended up there. I think it suits me just fine!

Get your own Pottermore account and discover the magic!

So that’s unfortunately all I had to say for the moment. Now I’m off to resume writing/planning!