I’m psyched… are you?


Image by nezumichuu via Flickr

Once again I didn’t remember what I dreamt. But I guess that might be because I didn’t sleep much at all. God, I hardly can’t wait until it’s weekend. Then I can finally sleep.

Today I’m kinda proud of myself. Not only did I finish the english assignments I had planned to finish today. I also wrote the lyrics to four songs. The thought is that it’s going to be songs for Lee Davies and the gang in the book about Erin. But probably someone else can write much better songs than me. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m good at writing stories (decent at drawing) but poems, short novels, songs and stuff like that? Not so much. Sadly enough. Maybe someone out there in the world was hoping for me to one day become a famous poem writer. I don’t know about that, if that person exists or not, but me as a poem writer? Wouldn’t think so. I’m kinda bad at it. Or not just kinda, really bad at it. Guess it’s because… ah well, I don’t know so never mind that.

Another exciting thing is that I don’t have that much left on the first book about Erin. I’m really psyched to see how it will look on the computer (I’m writing by hand so it’ll be easier for my friends to read it). So soon I’ll be able to solve that mystery. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Now just to mention nothing important I’ve been expanding my facebook friends. I started out at 126 friends yesterday (not really sure of the exact number) and today I have a total of 139 friends! Kinda awesome right. I’ve never been popular so I think it kinda is. Of course I’m not saying that I know and hang out with all of these people but still, that little number on my facebook page, I think that could make anyone feel good about themselves. Well, for a short while at least, then I go to a friends page and see that they have like 800+ friends, and then I’m back to normal me again. It hasn’t happened yet today, but it’s coming. It always do.