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The Giant Wheel at St Giles Fair St Giles Fair is held every year on the Monday and Tuesday after the first Sunday in September (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that I didn’t write anything on Monday or yesterday, but I really didn’t have anything to talk, or write, about then. And I really didn’t have the strength to do anything. Since I never went to bed on Sunday I was practically dead on Monday and the most effort I did t entire day was move from my bed to the couch. This Tuesday school started again. And no, I am not too happy about that. I would much, much, much rather just be home and write on books all day. Luckily I will graduate soon, so after that I might be able to do just that. Stay home all day and just write, write and then write some more.

As always my life is pretty much very uneventful, and thus I don’t have very much to talk about. I’ve bought new notebooks by now so I have started writing on the second part of the third book about Erin. I really have to find a better way to call those, it’s so long to say each time. But the actual books are not divided in parts, it is simply because I am currently writing them by hand because that is much more easier for my friends in school who are lovely enough to read what I write. However after we graduate I will probably have to send them the “chapters” via e-mail seeming how we won’t be able to see each other every day then. Which makes me rather sad now that I think about it.

I’ve always thought this, but today I really realized it. My voice is rather weak, and when others are around it kind of “drowns” out. Everyone just speaks so much…louder…than I do, and thus I find it difficult to talk. Especially when someone is talking at the same time as I do (which I find somewhat rude to do), because at those time I just grow uncertain and think that my voice can’t even be heard compared to the others and tend to just shut up and sit there and nod like some idiot.

Okay, I’m going to stop now before I get to negative. Today was a long day, and I’m strangely tired despite having gone to bed by nine yesterday. I’ve also only had noodle soup for dinner, but I like that so it’s fine. However I have stuff to do, and tasks to take care of. Which means I have to leave you now.

Have a great day, or here in Sweden it is actually already considered night I guess.

Part one of book three – done!


Pottermore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, or this morning actually, I finished the first part of book 3 about Erin. So far it’s only 192 pages or so. But more to come, since I haven’t even gotten to November yet. I am currently at October 29th. I was on a roll yesterday and the writing went excellent! Which led me to be up all night writing as well. That in itself might not have been the best idea, seeming how school will start again soon. However we have a day off tomorrow, so I won’t start until Tuesday. And since it’s right after the easter holiday now, I’ll be having a few easy weeks ahead of me.

Since I finished the first part yesterday I had to stop writing there, seeming how I didn’t have anymore notebooks to write in at the moment. I actually never thought that would ever happen to me. I’m always buying new notebooks, and people keep giving them to me, so I’ve never not had any before. But this was something new to me, but luckily I then had to go buy new ones today. Which got me strangely happy and pleased. Found two good ones.

Since I couldn’t continue writing on the third book for the moment there I started planning the fourth book instead. So far it’s going great, but I’ve only gotten three days done so far. We’ll see how it turns out later on. I haven’t written any of them yet, but the fourth and fifth are my favorites in the series about Erin. As well as the last and first always holds a special place in my heart. And will there forever remain.

Something fun that happened to me is that my account to Pottermore opened up today. Such a great idea and a truly awesome site! I was sorted into Hufflepuff, and before joining I didn’t know much about just Hufflepuff, but now that I know more about them (after having read the letter given after being sorted) I am rather pleased with having ended up there. I think it suits me just fine!

Get your own Pottermore account and discover the magic!


So that’s unfortunately all I had to say for the moment. Now I’m off to resume writing/planning!



Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

I usually love it when it rains (if I happen to be indoors at the moment) but today I just feel dull. The sky is dark gray and the rain is pouring down. It just feels as I, and the world, is sluggish today. This might have something to do with the fact that I never went to bed this night and instead stayed up until ten this morning, finishing the five hundred pages I had left of The Host. After that I went to sleep. So I’ve slept four hours at tops right now. Strangely enough I don’t feel that tired actually. Another weird thing about me, I guess. I actually feel more lively when I get less sleep, compared to when I get enough sleep, when I only wake up feeling even more tired than I did when I went to bed.

Yesterday was a bad day. I hardly got any writing done at all. Actually I didn’t get any writing done, except for that which I wrote here. However I did correct and alter somethings I had previously written on a book of mine. However I never wrote anything new. I was planning to do that today, however there hasn’t been any time so far. We cleaned the house today so I couldn’t write then, and in the afternoon I had to pick up my little sister from daycare. Seeming how neither my mom nor my step-dad were home at the moment I had to spend some time with her. So I didn’t get any writing done in the afternoon as well. I finally managed to convince her into watching a movie, and thus I was given some time alone on the computer. However, that time was spent writing this post and updating my Tumblr. So, no writing done yet today. But mom just got home, so now I can write (after I finish this post, and has written one for my Swedish blog).

I thought I’d give my review and thoughts on The Host now that I have finished it. But there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to know simply don’t read any further. If you however do want to know what I thought about the book, simply keep on reading!


Spoiler Alert!!

I actually thought The Host was a really good book! The story was interesting, and so different from what I originally thought it would be. It was also a rather odd love triangle/foursome they had going there. As I mentioned in a previous post the book is written beautifully and almost never has a dull moment (and this is 615 pages or so that we’re talking about!).

I would recommend it, probably to teens. But somehow this books feels more “grown-up” than Twilight does. I don’t know why exactly. Perhaps it’s the alien invasion thing, the brutality and harsh way of life in the book. It’s something that caught me.

Something that did ruin it however was the end. I think I would actually have preferred it if Wanda had died. When she wasn’t in Melanie’s body it just felt weird. And the thing about there being a miraculous way to save the “hosts”. It felt to ideal and idyllic. But it’s a book, and of course everyone has to be happy in the end. But seeming how Melanie was able to return, and now live happily ever after with Jared, I would have preferred it if Wanda had died at the end…

A great feeling.

The Moon as seen by an observer from Earth. So...

The Moon as seen by an observer from Earth. Some people claim that private ownership of the Moon might be possible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good day!

Over here in Sweden it’s currently 2 P.M (or as we say 14:00), but I don’t know where it is you’re reading from or what the time is there. So Good Day will have to do.

Yesterday I finally started reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. I bought it around the time I bought New Moon, but seeing what happened to the Twilight franchise (mostly the films making them all go the wrong way, and the last book, Breaking Dawn) I have been putting off reading it until now. I was spurred on by seeing the new teaser trailer for the new upcoming movie, starring Saoirse Ronan. I’ll admit that I didn’t fully grasp what the book was about by the time I bough it and decided to finish the Twilight series first, however after reading Breaking Dawn I was rather disappointed of how the series had turned out and thus I was also a little scared of what The Host would be like. But I finally got over my fear (and realized what it was actually about) and started reading The Host. I have only gotten 110 pages or so, so far, but from what I have read it is really good. Of course I have about 500 pages more to read, and who knows what could happen during those 500 pages? Probably a lot. But judging from what I have read it is truly good. So beautifully written. Different from most other books I’ve read. Different from Twilight. I didn’t really think Stephenie Meyer could write anything other than Twilight, but The Host is so different from that. So if it continues to be as good as it has been for these past 110 pages then she has proven (to me at least) that she is truly a great writer. Although the last book, the massive amount of fanatic fans and the films ruined the Twilight series for me. One thing the book has never failed to be is to be written beautifully. Stephenie Meyer has a way of forming her sentences, using her words. Simply put, what she writes is nothing short of beautiful.

I’m currently at writing my 178th page of the third book about Erin. Reading The Host I got this strange urge to start writing about Farrow, however since it at that time was past midnight I suffocated that urge and went to bed. But even now, after waking up, well past after lunch, that urge still lingers inside. The need, the strong feeling to want to just write. Which is what I am going to go do now. It is a great feeling!

A lot of books, but I can at least write until I die.

Logo of the TV series Glee

Logo of the TV series Glee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, hello!

Today was an extremely uneventful day. And I mean that in every way. Absolutely nothing has happened today at all. I’ve spent the last couple of hours showering, watching the latest episodes of Glee and New Girl, and writing a post for my Swedish blog. Almost didn’t feel up for writing anything here today but I managed to get my act together and simply told myself that I had to write something here now that I have decided to start writing again.

So, Glee (and don’t worry – I won’t be giving any spoilers). I really liked this episode. Which is named Big Brother and is the 15th episode of the third season. As a big fan of Blaine since he is one of my favorite characters (the others are Brittany, Rachel, Sam and Kurt) it was nice to get to know a little bit more about him. Like the fact that he has a “famous” big brother for example. Played by the ever so lovely Matt Bomer. The songs were also great in this episode. Well, that’s all I’m going to say for the moment. I don’t want to spoil the fun for those of you that haven’t seen the episode yet. On the other hand, good news for Glee fans is that the series was officially picked up for a fourth season. So look forward to seeing a lot more out of Glee!

Onwards to New Girl then (don’t worry, no spoilers given here either!). Can I just start with saying that I adore Russell, and Jess together with Russell. Well, I completely love Jess and have since the first episode (I probably also always will). And this episode (the 20th of the first season, named Normal) was just as fun and packed with weird, hilarious moments as all of the other episodes so far. And good news for New Girl fans is that the show was picked up for a second season.

Since today was such an uneventful day I have very little to tell you, and that makes me somewhat sad. But I thought of sharing a little of what I have written on the third book about Erin so far, but then (as paranoid as I always is) I changed my mind. Instead I will now tell you that I have written 161 pages on the third book so far. And many more are to come. In fact after I have finished this post (and quickly updated my Tumblr) I will go back to writing.

When I think about it, I find it a little sick that I am already on the third book. This a story that I have kept to myself in my mind since I was 13 after all! It feels rather sick, and oddly pleasing to finally have written it down (although I still have a very long way left to go). There are going to be eight books in total after all. Only time can tell if I eventually will find enough courage to finally publish them one day. No, I’m just kidding. Of course I am going to publish them. After all I am writing to share my stories with the world (although I suffer the risk of my stories never reaching the entire world since I live in the small country of Sweden). However, my point is that one day I will definitely publish my books. And yes, the series about Erin are not the only one I’m currently working on. There’s also the series about Farrow and her friends/enemies, as well as the story about Soul and the rest of that gang. And many many other stories/series. I probably have over thirty books that I am working on, and the ideas for new books just keep going. I seriously think I can writing until the day I die.

Oh, listen to me go on and on. I am going to stop mumbling nonsense now and go actually write on my book.

Have a great day!

1 year, 6 months and 26 days!

Cover of "Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Coll...

Cover via Amazon

Hello again!

1 year, 6 months and 26 days has passed since my last real post. If you count the most recent one (the one where I am saying that I have decided to create a new blog on Tumblr) then it has only been 1 year, 6 months and 14 days since my last post. Or 561 days if you want. Since so much time has passed I thought I might as well introduce myself again (I have changed somewhat, if you can believe that – I almost can’t!)

Well, I am still named Melina (obviously). But I’m now 18 years old at the moment but in 2 months and 28 days I will be 19. Which freaks me out quite a bit. I am still as obssessed and as in love with Ironman as I always has been since I saw the movie when it came out to cinema’s in 2008. Since then, which you might have noticed Ironman 2 also came out (and yeah, I love that one as well). And soon The Avengers will be hitting cinemas (my biggest joy this year!). And as you might have already guessed Ironman is in that as well. Ironman has also led me to become a huge fan of Robert Downey Jr. And I am so glad that he is the one to play Ironman. But for the moment I will stop talking about Ironman.

Although I haven’t published any of my books yet (something that I’m occasionally relieved by, and occasionally horrified about). However I am so much closer to getting there than I ever have been. I am currently on the third book about Erin, I am writing them by hand so it takes quite some time to get it done. I also have almost finished writing the first book about Cathi and her friends. I also know what is going to happen to Farrow and her frenemies. As well as I have finished planning the entire series about Soul, Rick, Faye and Reva. I just have to write down everything I have planned before I forget it, something that has proven to be a challenge since I am constantly thinking about things and come up with new ideas for everything. Which is how I came up with the last book about Farrow.

What else to say? Like before (and rather sad since it has been over a year already) I still have absolutely no idea whatsoever what life is about, or what the purpose of life is and so on. I am pretty much in the same confused state of life that I was in over a year ago. Only now I am more keen to get depressed. Because I have to make my decision about my future. And except the fact that I want to write I have no idea what to do. I mean, I love to write, but what if it turns out that I actually suck at it and can’t live on it. Then it would be good to have some other education so that I can at least make a living. But I am determined not to give up (I think) and to keep writing until I get really good at it and the biggest dream I have is to be able to survive on my stories and them alone!

So if you want to, feel pleased to follow this scatterbrained naive author on her road throughout this things that is called and supposed to be life.

Short time memory.

Hide-and-seek #2

Image by Stéfan via Flickr


Today was a really boring day. Nothing interesting happened in school. Besides the fact that I was dragged across the floor by both B and N. It was kinda fun, until I realized how dirty the floor actually was. Then I was disgusted for a short while… then it was fun again. I’ve spent some of my afternoon playing hide and seek with my little sister. Or more like I was hiding and she was running after me. I guess that’s what you get when you play hide and seek with someone who doesn’t fully understand what it is yet, and did I mention the fact that it’s impossible for her to wait for even just one simple second? No, she just rushes after me right away. Which is good since I get a really good exercise seeming as I have to run all I have in order to just get the time to behind some kind of furniture. It seems I always become exhausted after playing with her. 

The good thing about today is that I found tons of new music, for example: Echo and the Bunnymen, White Lies, OneRepublic and Ellie Goulding. Which is really good because I always find the most new inspiration when I find new music to listen to while I write. And this is good because I really have to start to write, I’m Starting to get behind on that point actually. So that’s what I’m gonna go do now, write. Or I’ll go sleep. 

And while I remember. I had a dream this night. I had forgotten it when I woke up, then I remembered it when I ate breakfast, but now I have forgotten it again. 

Oh yeah, about the picture, someday, remind me of telling you about me, Pizza Hut and the Stormtrooper. 

I’m psyched… are you?


Image by nezumichuu via Flickr

Once again I didn’t remember what I dreamt. But I guess that might be because I didn’t sleep much at all. God, I hardly can’t wait until it’s weekend. Then I can finally sleep.

Today I’m kinda proud of myself. Not only did I finish the english assignments I had planned to finish today. I also wrote the lyrics to four songs. The thought is that it’s going to be songs for Lee Davies and the gang in the book about Erin. But probably someone else can write much better songs than me. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m good at writing stories (decent at drawing) but poems, short novels, songs and stuff like that? Not so much. Sadly enough. Maybe someone out there in the world was hoping for me to one day become a famous poem writer. I don’t know about that, if that person exists or not, but me as a poem writer? Wouldn’t think so. I’m kinda bad at it. Or not just kinda, really bad at it. Guess it’s because… ah well, I don’t know so never mind that.

Another exciting thing is that I don’t have that much left on the first book about Erin. I’m really psyched to see how it will look on the computer (I’m writing by hand so it’ll be easier for my friends to read it). So soon I’ll be able to solve that mystery. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Now just to mention nothing important I’ve been expanding my facebook friends. I started out at 126 friends yesterday (not really sure of the exact number) and today I have a total of 139 friends! Kinda awesome right. I’ve never been popular so I think it kinda is. Of course I’m not saying that I know and hang out with all of these people but still, that little number on my facebook page, I think that could make anyone feel good about themselves. Well, for a short while at least, then I go to a friends page and see that they have like 800+ friends, and then I’m back to normal me again. It hasn’t happened yet today, but it’s coming. It always do.

My own personal fantasy world.

'Golden Fields', Italy, Montepulciano, Countryside

I ended up not going to school at all yesterday. I suddenly felt sick and because of that went home, collapsed in bed and mostly felt sorry for myself. So yeah, I stayed home from school today to. I’m still not feeling quite well/normal yet, but I’m getting there. At least now I’ve gotten the will back to start writing. Which I didn’t have at all yesterday. I usually don’t when I’m feeling unwell. 

The thing I hate most about being sick is that whenever I seem to be I never remember what I dream when I fall asleep, which I really hate. Since there is something I love almost as much as writing, that thing is sleeping. And I love sleeping because I dream when I sleep. Dreaming is the most amazing thing, at least that’s what I think. It’s like my very own personal fantasy world. The fact that just about anything can happen just makes me love it more than I already do. Dreaming is my uttermost biggest resource for inspiration. I can’t even begin to tell you just about how many of my books have originated from dreams. Well, most of them have at least. I tend to even like nightmares. Some might find that weird but for me it’s not. As a writer I think even nightmares can give me great ideas, and dreams I might have believed to be nightmares I actually can find being able to turn into something else. Simply saying dreaming is awesome and I don’t know how I would survive without it.  


Cover of "Heartsick"

Cover of Heartsick


The last few days I’ve been doing pretty much nothing. I rented a book at the library (Heartsick by Chelsea Cain). It was really good, I do recommend it for those of you who like psychological thrillers and who haven’t read it yet. This is what it says on the back of the book: 

‘Are you scared?’ Gretchen asks. She dabs his forehead with the cloth, his cheek, the back of his neck, his collarbone. He thinks he sees a flash of emotion in her eyes. Sympathy? Then it’s gone. ‘Whatever you think this is going to be like,’ she whispers, ‘ it’s going to be worse.’ 

When beautiful serial killer Gretchen Lowell captured her last victim – the man in charge of hunting her down – she quickly established who was really in control of the investigation. So why, after ten days of horrifying physical and mental torture, did she release Detective Archie Sheridan from the brink of death and hand herself in?  

Two years on. Archie returns to lead the search for a new killer, whose resent attacks on teenage girls have left the city of Portland reeling. Shadowed by vulnerable young reporter Susan Ward, Archie known that only one person can help him climb into the mind of this psychopath. But can Archie finally manage to confront the demons of his past without being consumed by them? 

The thing that got me to read this book is what the stuff people has said about it. Specially; 

‘Dark, distressing and disturbing, Heartsick is also a triumph of the human heart. Just pray you never meet Gretchen’ – VAL MCDERMID 

‘With Gretchen Lowell, Chelsea Cain gives us the most compelling, most original serial killer since Hannibal Lecter’ – CHUCK PALAHNIUK 

‘What may be the creepiest serial killer ever created. This is an addictive read!’ – TESS GERRITSEN 

‘Up there in the same league as Silence of the Lambs for sheer heart thumping excitement’ – DAILY MAIL 

Yesterday I visited my friend when she had a gig at a sort of “festival” like event. She had a gig together with her brother, and they where really good! They only sang already known and famous songs but still.. 

Today I was supposed to be introduced to a certain somebody’s new girlfriend. But I was to tired and ended up staying at home instead. But I’m sure everyone else had a nice time out today. I enjoyed staying at home alone, for once. Since my little sister came into the family it seems that there is always someone at home when I am. And when they’re out they’re not gone for long. That’s why I’ve come to really enjoy the time I get alone. Sometimes I actually more prefer to be alone than hang out with others. People tend to find that weird, and I don’t understand why. Do you?