All of a sudden.

Instagram double fail whale.

Instagram double fail whale. (Photo credit: atomic playboy)

All of a sudden my life has gotten busy. Not only am I managing three blogs, I’m also tweeting, and writing all day long as well. And yesterday my friend introduced me to Instagram, and now I’m completely obsessed. I’m in love with it. I’ve been running around the house all day, taking pictures of all kinds of possible things. I even started taking photographs when I was outside today. Which was weird seeming how I almost never take pictures in public, and because I almost never willingly go outside. However, I live in what could be one of the most boring neighborhoods of all time. Everywhere I look they’re either reconstructing or building something. So not the best environment to be taking pretty pictures in. I did however manage to find a coll sign shaped like a hand. Which was in front of the park I’ve spent time in ever since I was about five, and I’ve never noticed this sign before. Either it’s new, or I’ve been my normal ignorant self, and not paid any attention whatsoever to what is going on around me.

Apart from strangely going out on a walk in the middle of the afternoon, in the rain, this has been a pretty dull day. And it’s also been rather depressing. Today is Sunday. Which is my least favorite day of all the weekdays. Mainly because that means that it’s Monday tomorrow, which also means that it’s time for another week in school. I hate it. I just want to stay home and sleep all day, and also not have to worry about anything else than my writing. I also have to get involved with people in school. I don’t like that. Because I don’t generally like the people at school, or people at all. They always seem to disappoint me in some way. But that is also because of my expectations.

Yeah, I’m strange, odd and weird. I already know that. Have a good day. Since it’s school tomorrow that means I have to go to bed now!

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