My faith in nice people is almost restored.

Thor (film)

Thor (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, dearest reader!

Since the comments were automatically placed in the spam folder, I didn’t noticed that some of you that actually read what I’m writing here leave comments. And for that I apologize! However I have now read all of your comments, and replied to all of them. I actually find it funny how I was almost ridiculously happy with receiving comments. So if you feel up to it, please do keep leaving comments! I will try my hardest to keep replying to all of them as well. You can also comment if there’s something that you simply want to ask me. I’ll gladly reply no matter what it is!

I know that I’ve gotten kind of bad at updating. But that is just the way I am. When something bad happens or if I just feel depressed I don’t really feel up for writing anything at all. And then there’s also the thing about me going to bed later than I’m actually supposed to and thus making me walking around like some sort of zombie through the entire days. Which also makes me to tired to think, and in the end to tired to write a new post. However after now knowing that you leave comments, and that there actually are people who read what I write, then I almost feel like I should keep writing everyday just for your sakes. But, I don’t want to lie to you, and to say that would be a lie. And although I’m at the moment feeling extremely happy and ecstatic that people are actually commenting and reading this, I know a day will come when I’m feeling tired and down again. So I don’t want to lie to you, so I’m not going to promise you that I’m going to write something here every day. However I will promise you that I’ll try to write as often as I can, and I will always write when I feel up to it! Something I can tell you though (thanks to the nice comments you left), and as I told my friend, you almost have restored my faith in that there are nice people out there in the world.

Today I went with the family to the park, where my little sister played until she almost started crying. Anyway, there they had some sort of trampoline for the kids. Which really made me wish that we had a trampoline in our garden, here at home. Who knows? Maybe it’ll appear sometime during summer?

Yesterday I watched Thor, and after having seen it (it wasn’t the first time, I have seen it around 100 times before) again it really made me want to watch Iron Man (and I’m going to tonight!). But even more than that it made me want to see The Avengers. I know that I’m getting a little fixated on superheroes and Avengers right now, but that is because I have waited almost four years now for this time to come, and now it’s only one week left until I can finally see it. Yes, that’s right, on Friday the movie arrives at the cinema here. I can’t wait for it, and it’s almost killing me. However, knowing that it’s only a week left (even less than that, six days actually) I should be able to get through this week in school without problem. Or it could go the other way around, and this week will be unbearable because I have to suffer through an entire week of school before I can finally go see The Avengers.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out on Monday then. Have a great day!

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