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I usually love it when it rains (if I happen to be indoors at the moment) but today I just feel dull. The sky is dark gray and the rain is pouring down. It just feels as I, and the world, is sluggish today. This might have something to do with the fact that I never went to bed this night and instead stayed up until ten this morning, finishing the five hundred pages I had left of The Host. After that I went to sleep. So I’ve slept four hours at tops right now. Strangely enough I don’t feel that tired actually. Another weird thing about me, I guess. I actually feel more lively when I get less sleep, compared to when I get enough sleep, when I only wake up feeling even more tired than I did when I went to bed.

Yesterday was a bad day. I hardly got any writing done at all. Actually I didn’t get any writing done, except for that which I wrote here. However I did correct and alter somethings I had previously written on a book of mine. However I never wrote anything new. I was planning to do that today, however there hasn’t been any time so far. We cleaned the house today so I couldn’t write then, and in the afternoon I had to pick up my little sister from daycare. Seeming how neither my mom nor my step-dad were home at the moment I had to spend some time with her. So I didn’t get any writing done in the afternoon as well. I finally managed to convince her into watching a movie, and thus I was given some time alone on the computer. However, that time was spent writing this post and updating my Tumblr. So, no writing done yet today. But mom just got home, so now I can write (after I finish this post, and has written one for my Swedish blog).

I thought I’d give my review and thoughts on The Host now that I have finished it. But there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to know simply don’t read any further. If you however do want to know what I thought about the book, simply keep on reading!


Spoiler Alert!!

I actually thought The Host was a really good book! The story was interesting, and so different from what I originally thought it would be. It was also a rather odd love triangle/foursome they had going there. As I mentioned in a previous post the book is written beautifully and almost never has a dull moment (and this is 615 pages or so that we’re talking about!).

I would recommend it, probably to teens. But somehow this books feels more “grown-up” than Twilight does. I don’t know why exactly. Perhaps it’s the alien invasion thing, the brutality and harsh way of life in the book. It’s something that caught me.

Something that did ruin it however was the end. I think I would actually have preferred it if Wanda had died. When she wasn’t in Melanie’s body it just felt weird. And the thing about there being a miraculous way to save the “hosts”. It felt to ideal and idyllic. But it’s a book, and of course everyone has to be happy in the end. But seeming how Melanie was able to return, and now live happily ever after with Jared, I would have preferred it if Wanda had died at the end…

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