My school is trying to kill me… no, not in the way you think!

summer rhapsody

Right now I’m crazy tired, listening to Ellie Goulding and thinking that I probably should study to that test that I have tomorrow. But then when I think about that I feel even more tired. Maybe everything will just work out and the test will be stupidly easy, or maybe the teacher will be sick. There are countless of opportunities that could happen. But they never will. I’m not that lucky. More so the test will probably be ridiculously hard.

Feels like my school is trying to kill me with homework. Not only do we have a few tests coming up soon, but we have homework every day and everyday we get new ones. Math worries me the most, but whatever, I don’t have a math head so that’ll just work out whatever way it does. Or not.. Psychology is also kind of tricky subject there’s so much to learn and remember. But I’m not gonna worry about that just yet. Okay I decided, I’ll go take a shower and then I will study some for the test, or maybe I’ll just fall asleep from boredom? Whatever happens. I’ll be posting a longer post this weekend seeming how I haven’t gotten the time to do it this week, being sick and almost smothered by homework…

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