New blog.

I’ve discovered some problems with this blog, on this site, so I created a new one.


Right now I tried to add an image by URL but it wouldn’t let me and as stubborn as I am I’m right now trying to figure out how to do it.

So pretty soon (hopefully) I will post some images of pictures I like/find interesting/and so on.

My school is trying to kill me… no, not in the way you think!

summer rhapsody

Right now I’m crazy tired, listening to Ellie Goulding and thinking that I probably should study to that test that I have tomorrow. But then when I think about that I feel even more tired. Maybe everything will just work out and the test will be stupidly easy, or maybe the teacher will be sick. There are countless of opportunities that could happen. But they never will. I’m not that lucky. More so the test will probably be ridiculously hard.

Feels like my school is trying to kill me with homework. Not only do we have a few tests coming up soon, but we have homework every day and everyday we get new ones. Math worries me the most, but whatever, I don’t have a math head so that’ll just work out whatever way it does. Or not.. Psychology is also kind of tricky subject there’s so much to learn and remember. But I’m not gonna worry about that just yet. Okay I decided, I’ll go take a shower and then I will study some for the test, or maybe I’ll just fall asleep from boredom? Whatever happens. I’ll be posting a longer post this weekend seeming how I haven’t gotten the time to do it this week, being sick and almost smothered by homework…

What to say?

Hello, sorry for the short absence here on the blog. I sorta forgot about it, then I got sick, and then I got sick. Oh, and yeah, nothing interesting happened in my life.

In about 2 weeks and 3 days or something like that we’ll be moving. I’m really excited. But I also don’t want to expect to much. Like I always do. I build hopes and expectations for things (small and big) and then I get down when that doesn’t happen. Strange thing is, that happens even when the different thing happening might be better or more fun (or whatever) and I still get slightly disappointed.

What more to say?

I’ve spent the last few days thinking about this idea for a new book and I think I’ve got it now. I just need to get going and start writing, but we’ll see how that goes. I think I should focus more on Erin for now so I can finish it sometime. And I’m not sure if I’ll publish this book or not. Guess it depends on whether I want to or not. And how it turns out, obviously.

Change your thoughts.



Image via Wikipedia

Hey, today I’m feeling a little better than from how I was in the last post. But this still won’t be such a long post I’m afraid. Anyway, yesterday I went over to my friends, Becky’s place, we met Nea and then went to the woods where we started a fire and grilled marshmallows, candy and much much more. We tried to break a tree in half but it didn’t go so well. Later I went home and ate home made burgers. Later (after Magda fell asleep) mom helped me dye my hair so for 8 weeks I’m going to have black hair now. What else?

Yeah, today I’m gonna start packing down all my stuff in boxes since we’ll be moving soon. I’m really excited about that but it doesn’t feel quite real just yet. Okay, as soon as mom, her friend, and Magda leaves I’m gonna put on  some music and then start packing. Bye for now.  

Nothing special.


There’s not really much to say about today. Nothing espesically fun happened. Not something boring as well. I’ve been thinking about to dye my hait darker (probably black) or something like that. And I bought the hair color today but it was the wrong one since I don’t wanta permanent one, I just want one that’ll last for a few weeks or something like that.

Anything else to say about this day? I can’t think of much more right now. I’m tired, hungry and kinda bored right now. So soon I’m going to go to sleep. Just a quick thing. Tomorrow/today I’m going out to the woods to I don’t raelly know, have a camp fire or something like that. But more about that tomorrow/today when I actually am kinda of excited about it.  

Short time memory.

Hide-and-seek #2

Image by Stéfan via Flickr


Today was a really boring day. Nothing interesting happened in school. Besides the fact that I was dragged across the floor by both B and N. It was kinda fun, until I realized how dirty the floor actually was. Then I was disgusted for a short while… then it was fun again. I’ve spent some of my afternoon playing hide and seek with my little sister. Or more like I was hiding and she was running after me. I guess that’s what you get when you play hide and seek with someone who doesn’t fully understand what it is yet, and did I mention the fact that it’s impossible for her to wait for even just one simple second? No, she just rushes after me right away. Which is good since I get a really good exercise seeming as I have to run all I have in order to just get the time to behind some kind of furniture. It seems I always become exhausted after playing with her. 

The good thing about today is that I found tons of new music, for example: Echo and the Bunnymen, White Lies, OneRepublic and Ellie Goulding. Which is really good because I always find the most new inspiration when I find new music to listen to while I write. And this is good because I really have to start to write, I’m Starting to get behind on that point actually. So that’s what I’m gonna go do now, write. Or I’ll go sleep. 

And while I remember. I had a dream this night. I had forgotten it when I woke up, then I remembered it when I ate breakfast, but now I have forgotten it again. 

Oh yeah, about the picture, someday, remind me of telling you about me, Pizza Hut and the Stormtrooper. 

I’m psyched… are you?


Image by nezumichuu via Flickr

Once again I didn’t remember what I dreamt. But I guess that might be because I didn’t sleep much at all. God, I hardly can’t wait until it’s weekend. Then I can finally sleep.

Today I’m kinda proud of myself. Not only did I finish the english assignments I had planned to finish today. I also wrote the lyrics to four songs. The thought is that it’s going to be songs for Lee Davies and the gang in the book about Erin. But probably someone else can write much better songs than me. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m good at writing stories (decent at drawing) but poems, short novels, songs and stuff like that? Not so much. Sadly enough. Maybe someone out there in the world was hoping for me to one day become a famous poem writer. I don’t know about that, if that person exists or not, but me as a poem writer? Wouldn’t think so. I’m kinda bad at it. Or not just kinda, really bad at it. Guess it’s because… ah well, I don’t know so never mind that.

Another exciting thing is that I don’t have that much left on the first book about Erin. I’m really psyched to see how it will look on the computer (I’m writing by hand so it’ll be easier for my friends to read it). So soon I’ll be able to solve that mystery. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Now just to mention nothing important I’ve been expanding my facebook friends. I started out at 126 friends yesterday (not really sure of the exact number) and today I have a total of 139 friends! Kinda awesome right. I’ve never been popular so I think it kinda is. Of course I’m not saying that I know and hang out with all of these people but still, that little number on my facebook page, I think that could make anyone feel good about themselves. Well, for a short while at least, then I go to a friends page and see that they have like 800+ friends, and then I’m back to normal me again. It hasn’t happened yet today, but it’s coming. It always do.