Stuck with the same old me.

One and Other-Mental Health

Image by Feggy Art (formerly Victius) via Flickr

This will be a really short post since it’s getting really late and I have to go to sleep since it’s a school day tomorrow/today. I’m in a small state of panic and anxiety right now, and I’m not really sure about what to do. The thing that’s bothering me is life itself. I mean just barely after I’m starting to get fine again another thing happens and brings me down again. Sometimes I wish I was a cold-hearted person so I didn’t care about anything there’s possibly to care about. That way I could just do whatever I wanted and enjoy life more. But no, I’m stuck being me. The same old cowardly, confused, anti-social me as always.

I’ll be making a longer post after school today, now I really and seriously have to go to sleep. Or else I will probably fall asleep during class tomorrow. Which I might do anyway. Who knows?

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