I need to rest, sleep, or just whatever…

Location of Sweden

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The difference between how a swedish blog is compared to an english one is: that here in Sweden we tend to write mostly about what we do during the day. It’s also really popular to post pictures of yourself with the so-called “todays outfit”. Basically every blogger simply shows the readers what they wear everyday (something I don’t really understand why it became so popular). It’s also quite common that Swedish blogs contains really short blog posts. Like so short that you could post it on twitter. Simple things like on sentence (like goodnight!, going out, dinner time! and stuff like that).

While english blogs on the other hand tend to have longer posts and often they are about a specific topic. I rarely see blogs where there are short posts, I also haven’t seen even one “todays outfit”, something that I’m kinda happy about. I really don’t get the point of it. But everyone’s free to do as they like. I guess. 

Anyway, this post will be short, since I have to go to bed now. Only tomorrow and friday left, then I will finally have sometime of from school and I’ll be able to rest. I really need to do that. Rest.  


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