The smallest thing could change everything. I really believe.

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So I’ve spent the entire evening working on an assignment I got from school. It’s ridiculously complicated. For being my first homework this term at least. Right now I’m watching a movie called “Catch and Release”. It’s kinda nice. Jennifer Garner’s in it and I think she’s really good for the role. Kind of touching story and all that as well. 

I don’t really have any idea what I’m gonna talk about today. I have Spotify commercial in my ears right now, no, wait, Show Me What I’m Looking For with Carolina Liar just came on. I love that song so much. And they’re my favorite band of all time. I’ve listened to every song they made and I love each and every one of them. I still don’t know what I’m going to tell you right now. I’m really bad at blogging when you have to get all deep and thoughtful in a certain topic. It just becomes so hard when you actually have to think about it. It’s much easier to just write about your own day and what happened. But that would probably be boring for you to read every single day. My life’s not that interesting either so that would probably just bore you even more, sadly enough. When I think about it my life’s pretty sad. Not like I’ve had some childhood drama or something like that (if you don’t count my parents divorce) but other than that, and it didn’t affect me that much. Okay sorry I just lied, I think. Of course it affected me, I don’t know in exactly what way but it helped me become who I am at this very moment and probably I wouldn’t be here at this place, at this moment, right now if things had turned out otherwise. Don’t you find that funny? How the smallest thing could change anything (like that movie “The Butterfly Effect” – awesome by the way!). I really do believe that, that’s why even if I would get the chance to, I wouldn’t change anything in my past since all the stuff that happened to me probably wouldn’t happen if I changed something in the past. When I think about it there are many moments I wish I had done that instead of what I did, said something else instead of what I now did say. Sure it might be tempting, but when I stop and think some more I realize what I actually have in my life. All those things that I don’t want to lose. Like my family, my friends and all of that. Sure  have some shitty memories that I wish I didn’t have, but still, you get my point right? 

To end this post quite awkwardly I’m saying that I’m going to bed now. Goodnight. 

Ps: you probably noticed the picture right? I chose it because it had the description; Vector image of two human figures with hands in contact, to represent togetherness. I love that word. Togetherness. 

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