Cover of "Heartsick"

Cover of Heartsick


The last few days I’ve been doing pretty much nothing. I rented a book at the library (Heartsick by Chelsea Cain). It was really good, I do recommend it for those of you who like psychological thrillers and who haven’t read it yet. This is what it says on the back of the book: 

‘Are you scared?’ Gretchen asks. She dabs his forehead with the cloth, his cheek, the back of his neck, his collarbone. He thinks he sees a flash of emotion in her eyes. Sympathy? Then it’s gone. ‘Whatever you think this is going to be like,’ she whispers, ‘ it’s going to be worse.’ 

When beautiful serial killer Gretchen Lowell captured her last victim – the man in charge of hunting her down – she quickly established who was really in control of the investigation. So why, after ten days of horrifying physical and mental torture, did she release Detective Archie Sheridan from the brink of death and hand herself in?  

Two years on. Archie returns to lead the search for a new killer, whose resent attacks on teenage girls have left the city of Portland reeling. Shadowed by vulnerable young reporter Susan Ward, Archie known that only one person can help him climb into the mind of this psychopath. But can Archie finally manage to confront the demons of his past without being consumed by them? 

The thing that got me to read this book is what the stuff people has said about it. Specially; 

‘Dark, distressing and disturbing, Heartsick is also a triumph of the human heart. Just pray you never meet Gretchen’ – VAL MCDERMID 

‘With Gretchen Lowell, Chelsea Cain gives us the most compelling, most original serial killer since Hannibal Lecter’ – CHUCK PALAHNIUK 

‘What may be the creepiest serial killer ever created. This is an addictive read!’ – TESS GERRITSEN 

‘Up there in the same league as Silence of the Lambs for sheer heart thumping excitement’ – DAILY MAIL 

Yesterday I visited my friend when she had a gig at a sort of “festival” like event. She had a gig together with her brother, and they where really good! They only sang already known and famous songs but still.. 

Today I was supposed to be introduced to a certain somebody’s new girlfriend. But I was to tired and ended up staying at home instead. But I’m sure everyone else had a nice time out today. I enjoyed staying at home alone, for once. Since my little sister came into the family it seems that there is always someone at home when I am. And when they’re out they’re not gone for long. That’s why I’ve come to really enjoy the time I get alone. Sometimes I actually more prefer to be alone than hang out with others. People tend to find that weird, and I don’t understand why. Do you? 

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